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I’ve bought their products from their teas and coffees to hot cocoa. I have to say this (Coconut Matcha) is my FAVORITE!
— Shiloh
Can’t believe how much this product is helping me with my hair loss!
— Rosa Lopez
It is very good for my energy and I now use the restroom with no problem.
— Barcenes Santoss
It makes me feel so energized and yes believe it or not I have lost weight as well...
— Shelby Lynn Harper
— Francia K. Chavarria
Was truly part of my daily routine for 2 months...I see that your company also has tea products. Can’t wait to try it
— Master Sergeant Christina Petruzzi
I take it everyday before my workouts and my body absolutely loves it.
— Emilee Jennings, Fitness Competition Athlete
Not only is the taste just absolutely fantastic but it’s just the best coffee I’ve ever had!
— Stephanie Esparza
I recommend this to everyone. It also makes you lose some weight.
— James Jordan Hour
I am losing at least 1/2 pound everyday.
— Gladys Kusi
My skin in looks healthier, I’m always in a good mood and helping me in my stomach digestion
— Glenda Ford
Coconut Coffee has been a life-changing addition to our home...We’ve never been so impressed.
— Josie Ries
I love my coconut coffee...My energy is high, my hair and my skin look great. I recommend it to all my clients
— Tiffany Jett
In 2-3 weeks I’ve seen a huge difference in my skin, hair, nails, digestion & energy
— Kelli Elizabeth Tamayo
I absolutely love the way my skin, nails and hair feel so much softer since I started drinking my Coconut coffee!
— Rebekah
My face was getting smoother, my hair grew faster, and I’ve lost weight! Thank god for coconut coffee.
— Alethea Realene Mayeda
I drink it every morning to begin a new day with more energy.
— Joanna Lee
This coffee has changed my life forever. I’ve never been so obsessive over any product like this before.
— Brittney Valcin
My skin hasn’t looked and felt this young for years. Thanks for your amazing product...saved my life!
— Casey Lewis
The flavor is amazing. This coffee gives me the energy I need
— Sonia Magaña Cendejas
I have already seen a amazing improvement in my skin and the softness in my hair.
— Alexiss Ryann
I lost weight and my skin is perfect. Love that it helped me so much with my nails
— Maria Gutierrez
I have lost almost 30 pounds. I have energy and my stomach feels great.
— Amelia Boosalis
I’ve noticed physical changes in my body. My skin is softer and beautiful.
— Ipha Iphraim
My morning heartburn and indigestion has basically gone.
— Jessica Falck
It gives me tons of energy. And I love the benefits it has.
— Rhonda Norship
After I gave birth I had 2 bald spots on my hair line. Nothing worked. I tried the coffee and there you go
— Stephanie De Mercado
Curbs my appetite, gives me energy and clearer thinking! Also noticed improvement with my hair, skin & nails!
— Darlene Rardin
I have noticed a change in my skin, nails and hair already just after 2 weeks.
— Caroline Janec
Now I can take a picture of myself without makeup!
— Letty Garcia Michel
I love this helps me stay energized and controls my hunger! My nails are stronger too
— Maria Carmen Lang
Feel confident and excited. This is the power of coconut coffee.
— Elora Scamardo, College student
It tastes great, curbs my appetite, my nails are growing and my hair is super shiny with less breakage!
— Kelli Elizabeth Tamayo‎
I’M OBSESSED!...My hair, skin, and nails are healthy.
— Jade Weeks
Best coffee I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking
— Miranda Leconte, Forest Ranger
I’m down 32.5 pounds...My hair and skin feels better. I absolutely love it.
— Bridget Asher
I have suffered with acne all my life and it’s slowly subsiding since I drank CAcafe coconut coffee.
— Melissa Marie
Totally obsessed with my CAcafe Coconut Coffee!...I drink a mug every day.
— Denise Neeci Rodriguez
I am LOVING the wonders it has been doing to my skin!!
— Rebecca Lara Subia, Esthetician
It plays well with my stomach...I find happiness in every cup!
— James Bobik
This coffee improved my skin, nails and I no longer suffer from hair loss
— Bella Moore, Beauty Blogger
I’ve lost several inches...My hair has regained its youthful glow. CAcafe, you’ve made me a new woman.
— Mylene Sanders
My skin was glowing, looking good and healthy, and even my hair is not falling out much anymore.
— Jen Polintan
Not only is this coffee delicious but it doesn’t hurt my sensitive tummy!
— Amanda Ederar
I already lost 5 lbs. in 2 weeks. I have better digestion, and I notice my nails grow faster and stronger!
— Beatriz Santiago
I’ve heard stories about this helping with hair skin and nails but wow! Made me feel like a new woman
— Adriana Gonzales
It has helped me maintain my weight, my skin has been so soft and smooth, and it gives me the energy I need
— Monica Chavez Avila
It is so good. I don’t have to add sugar or cream! CAcafe you’re the best!
— Patty Trigueros
When I sampled this product at Costco… I fell completely in love.
— Kimberly Anne Ermitaño
I finally found love It’s a very special and really delicious coffee.
— Maribel Coreas
AWESOME TASTE!! This product has the benefit of helping with the digestive system.
— ChiYanna Henry
The rich, creamy flavor is just delightful, and I have noticed that my skin is softer and I have more energy.
— Michelle Romero
I can definitely see difference in my hair and skin
— Natalya Ustimchuk
I just love the fact that it gives me energy and don’t make me sick. Plus it taste GREAT!
— Manilyn Eusebio Lee
I bought 12 containers CAcafe Coconut Coffee. I love it!!!!!
— ZRose Reagan
I’ve never liked coffee. Everything changed when [CAcafe reps] hand[ed] out samples. It was instant love!
— Marie Hoenig
I have more energy, my fingernails are stronger than ever, my skin looks great & the taste is delicious!
— Crystal Costello Karim
My love for coffee has been expanded and now I can enjoy this each and every day
— Natashia Her
I’m in love with it...I have to say I seen change in my skin its more smoother
— Leslyy Castrow
It has made my skin and hair look and feel healthier, and I feel so much better since I have been drinking this!
— Courtney Monroe-Bowers

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