Want to use a promo code at checkout on our online store? Not sure how to do so? No worries, we've got you covered.

1. Click any "Add to cart" button to add a product to cart

 You can 

You can do that on our "Products" or "Store Locator" page...

CAcafe promo code instructions

or on the products' information pages! Doing so will automatically lead to a pop-up of your cart.

Note: This means you may have to enable pop-ups for our site. Usually you can do this by looking near the navigation bar of your browser, where you type in URLs. Near there should be an icon that you can click on to allow pop-ups. However, for most people, this should not be a problem--your pop-ups should already be enabled for our site.

2. Click "Checkout" on the cart page

CAcafe promo code instructions

A separate window should pop up (again, make sure your pop-ups are enabled for our site if this step doesn't work for you). 

3. Click "Show Order Summary" or drag out (using your mouse) the right-hand side of the new "checkout" window to showcase the fullscreen version of the "checkout" window.

CAcafe promo code instructions

Note: The checkout system should automatically enter in a code that you qualify for, but if you want to try another code or if the automated process doesn't work, that's what this post is for.

CAcafe promo code instructions

The brown box here is highlighting where you should hover your mouse until it turns into a two-sided horizontal arrow that allows you to then drag out the window to the right. 

4. Enter your promo code and enjoy!