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manilyn lee

"Gives me energy and don’t make me sick. Plus it taste GREAT!”

CAcafe customer story energy

"I used to not drink coffee anymore coz it makes me sick, feeling nauseous and dizzy but when I heard about thisCoconut Coffee I hurried to Costco near me but they were sold out! So I was so disappointed. Then 3 weeks ago I went there again and finally they have it and I was so happy and excited to try it. Been drinking it for 3 weeks now and I feel awesome! I don't get any stomach problems at all. I'm so happy w my new favorite coffee. I lost weight but idk if it helps coz I workout too, my hair is softer but it doesn't matter if it helps me lose weight or not I just love the fact that it gives me energy and don't make me sick. Plus it taste GREAT! I love this Coconut Coffee #CAcafe"

-Manilyn Eusebio Lee


“Me encanta el hecho de que me da energía!”

“No bebía café porque me pongo enferma, siento náuseas y mareos, pero cuando supe de esta Café de Coco me apresuré a Costco cerca de mí, pero ya estaban agotado

Así que me quedé muy decepcionada.

Luego, hace 3 semanas fui allí de nuevo y finalmente lo tienen y yo estaba tan feliz y emocionado de probarlo . Estado bebiendo durante 3 semanas y me siento increíble! No tengo los problemas estomacales en absoluto. Estoy tan feliz es mi nuevo favorito café!”

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