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bridget asher

"I'm down 32.5 pounds!"

CAcafe customer weight loss

“I started drinking the coconut coffee, the one with real sugar ,in February 2016 and I'm down 32.5 pounds. It gives me energy without all the heart racing and it's a good kind of energy never the kind that makes you crash either. My hair and skin feels better. I absolutely love it. I don't even use the full 2 table spoons ,I drink it warm in the mornings. Attached is my before pics and after. . 

First pic me on the right. . 

 Second pic me with my husband. 

The weight came off my face and belly first. . 

I'm in love with it so much, I stood at Costco and sold about 40 jars just telling people at the tasting bar my story.”

---- Bridget Asher

CAcafe customer lose weight

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