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Rosa Lopez

Can't believe how much this product is helping me with my hair loss!

CAcafe customer loves coconut tea, helps with hair loss!

"I can't believe how much this product is helping me with my hair loss. It's amazing! I have just been using it for 4 weeks and see lots of difference. I just love it! My friends at work ask me, "What you drinking?" and I tell them that it's my favorite tea, CAcafe Coconut Tea. I said that you should try a cup with me and they like it! They start asking me, "Where do you find it? Where can I buy it?" I tell them where to buy it. I'm so happy to share it with them. I can't stop drinking it, definitely the best."

-Rosa Lopez

Our fans ignite us with the passion and inspiration to produce the best coconut coffee and tea series available. We love sharing our products with you and we'd love for you to share your story with us. If our coconut coffee and tea series benefits your metabolism, skin, hair, digestion system and weight control, please tell us your story by sending an email to

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