Elora Scamardo shares her experience with CAcafe's Coconut Coffee and how it gets her through every day at school

The Power of Coconut Coffee

Imagine this: a college student, getting out of bed 30 minutes before class. Their head hurts, their eyes hurt, all they can think about is how they want to go back to sleep, but they remember that they are in college for a reason: to thrive both academically and professionally. But then an idea comes to their head, Coconut Coffee! It's as easy as heating the water, adding the powder, and mixing! So, the college student does such, and throws on some clothes, and review for an exam that day.

Then, leisurely, they stroll out of their dorm for the day. They get to their exam, energized and ready to power through. When they get out of their exam, they feel confident and excited.

This is the power of coconut coffee.

-Elora Scamardo, college student in Arizona



El poder de el café de coco

"Imaginese esto: un estudiante de el colegio, saliendo de la cama 30 minutos antes de la clase. Le duele la cabeza, los ojos, y todo lo que puede pensar es que quiere regresar a dormir, pero se acuerdan que estan el el colegio por una razón: para superarse academicamente y profesionalmente. Pero entonces se le ocurre una idea, el café de coco! Es tan fácil como calentar el agua, agregar el polvo, y mezclar! Asi que el estudiante lo hace, se pone su ropa pronto y estudia para su exámen de ese día.

Despues, tranquílamente salen de su cuarto por el día. Llegan a su exámen, con energía y listos para superarlo victoriamente. Cuande llegan al exámen, se sienten confidentes y exitosos. 

Este es el poder de el café de coco."


-ELORA SCAMARDO, estudiante de colegio en arizona

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