Protein Shakes, CAcafe Style!

Protein Shakes, CAcafe Style!

Any recipe is exciting, but nothing beats one from a CAcafe fan. Jaritza recently shared her incredible protein shake recipe with us, and with our premium all-natural Coconut Coffee and Coconut Tea in the mix, what's not to like? For someone with such a busy and on-the-go lifestyle, Jaritza knows what it takes to stay fueled and healthy. Try out her recipe yourself!

Jaritza goes to college during the week and works at a veterinary hospital on the weekends. She finds herself waking up early every day, so to save time and stay energized, she created a go-to drink for her morning routine. Her specialty protein shakes keep her satisfied until her next meal, and the addition of Coconut Coffee gives her that extra boost she needs to make it through her long days. 


If she is in a rush, she keeps her drinks simple with just her protein powder and Coconut Coffee. When she has the time, she enjoys mixing things in like peanut butter, bananas, oats, chia seeds, or almonds. It's all about personalizing it to what you like best! Jaritza's recipes are so versatile that you can add in any delicious extras and transform them to your own "pick-me-up." 


Her recipe can be made with any type of milk, so it can easily be dairy free and vegan friendly.


  • CAcafe Coconut Coffee

  • Your Favorite Chocolate Protein Powder of Choice

  • Regular Milk or Any Non-Dairy Milk


  • CAcafe Coconut Tea

  • 1 Banana

  • Uncooked Oatmeal and/or almonds

  • Chia Seeds

  • Regular Milk or Any Non-Dairy Milk

  • (Optional) Blend in Ice Cubes for a Chilled Drink

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