Win $500 from CAcafe simply by taking a picture!


What would YOU do with $500? Don't just think it - do it! CAcafe is giving away a $500 Visa Gift Card. Follow the steps below to enter the giveaway, and mark your calendars - the deadline is July 30th


1️⃣- Must LIKE CAcafe on Facebook or FOLLOW CAcafe on Twitter
2️⃣- Upload a photo of your CAcafe Coconut Coffee or Tea (with your favorite cup/mug, hangout spot, or who you enjoy it with!) on your social media. Please make sure that your account or post is public, or else we won't be able to see it!
3️⃣- Don't forget to tag us (@CAcafeBlog) and use #MyCAcafe


  • Share this post/image on Facebook or Instagram and tag 2 friends for 5 EXTRA ENTRIES - Pretty cool, right? Just make sure if you do this, you also tag us @CAcafeBlog on your public post/image so we don't miss it!

  • Each post with #MyCAcafe will count as an entry! So if you want to post 5 pictures, you get entered into the contest 5 times.

We'll announce the winner after July 30th, 2017! The winner will be chosen via a random drawing


  • All those entering this contest must be at least 18 years old or, if older than 13 but younger than 18, have explicit parental/guardian permission to participate in the contest.
  • This contest is not affiliated with any social networking website and is the sole responsibility of CAcafe Inc.
  • This contest is open to residents of the United States and Territories only. 
  • CAcafe Inc. is not responsible for the loss of prizes in the process of delivery. 
  • CAcafe Inc. reserves the right to end this contest at any time.
  • CAcafe Inc. is not responsible for what the winner chooses to do with the prize.
  • The $500 Visa Gift Card cannot be exchanged for any other prize, of equal, greater, or lesser value, including in the case of cash, except in the case of a CAcafe gift card. 
  • All those entering in the contest, by entering, give permission to CAcafe Inc. to use their #MyCAcafe entries on CAcafe's social media accounts and websites as well as commercially. 
  • CAcafe Inc. reserves the right to disqualify participants of the contest who manipulate, exploit, or misleadingly portray the rules and purpose of the contest in any way, shape, or form. 
  • All photos entered into the contest must not be of an excessively sexual or violent nature--that is, nothing that you wouldn't your kids to see and nothing that would be rated PG-17 and above.
  • Only accounts set to "public" or posts set to "public" can be counted as entries in the contest. 
  • A #MyCAcafe entry must not be deleted after its posting unless the participant takes another #MyCAcafe photo with the understanding that the new photo will not be counted as a new entry but rather as a replacement for the old one. 
  • #MyCAcafe photos must be posted on a participant's own social media account(s). That is, a photo cannot be posted onto the CAcafe Facebook page, for example, and still qualify as a valid entry.


  • Can I enter the contest without owning a CAcafe product?

Unfortunately, no, but fortunately, it's super easy to get your own CAcafe product! Check out our store locator here to find CAcafe near you, or shop online via our online store.