crushed coconut

Growing up, I learned that I should avoid fatty foods. All fat is dangerous and bad for me. Why would I want to eat fat? Fat is bad for your heart! However, the idea that all fat is bad fat is simple not true. Why then was I taught that I should avoid any and all fat? It all started with the World Health Organization in 1955. The lipid hypothesis was proposed, saying that dietary fat was the root cause of heart disease. It was later changed to just saturated fat causes heart disease. The lipid hypothesis was accepted and promoted by various health organizations and the notion took hold.

                Now that I am older, I have begun examining my health and am in search of a deeper understanding of how food affects my body. My view of saturated fat has changed. Many studies have proven the lipid hypothesis is untrue. Ravnskov U. researched the available information about saturated fat in an effort to further dispel the false idea that saturated fat is bad for you and contributes to heart disease.

                One of the casualties of the lipid hypothesis were coconuts. Coconuts are rich in saturated fat. Because of the high saturated fat content, they were avoided by many people, even though cutting saturated fat out of the American peoples’ diet did not prevent heart disease. Saturated fat has gotten a bad reputation, even though it is essential for your body to function. We have done several posts about MCTs (saturated fats) and how great it is to have them in your diet. Coconuts are one of the most common sources of MCTs. Mary Enig PhD. gave a presentation about coconuts and their health benefits in Vietnam. She went so far as to say in her study that the recommendation to stay away from coconut could actually contribute to coronary disease

                Coconuts are great precisely because they contain so much saturated fat. I love drinking my CAcafe in the morning and knowing that I am getting all that my body needs. CAcafe is redeeming coconut with every cup. 


CAcafe is not a a medicine or health supplement and should not be used as one. As each person's body is different and responds to different foods differently, we cannot guarantee that you will experience all these benefits of coconut yourself if you drink CAcafe. If you do receive any benefits from our drinks, however, we'd love to hear your stories. Please send them to us at ShareStory (at) CAcafe (dot) com!1