stock market profits

Our fans ignite us with passion and inspiration to produce the best coconut coffee and tea series. We love sharing our products and our success with you. In the future, as our company grows, we plan to list CAcafe as a publicly traded company. At that time, we would like to share our stock and profits with you, our fans. When that time comes, CAcafe will count all of your past original receipts from purchasing CAcafe products to calculate your share of our future stock and profits.

     All receipts that show an order of our product will count, no matter where you bought it from (Costco, Walmart, HEB, Sam’s Club, Amazon, or through our website You need to keep the receipts (whether a physical piece of paper or the email receipt from an online order) of your purchases for us to count them when the time comes.

     Before we decide to make this a reality or not, we want to hear your thoughts and see how many people support this plan. Everyone's opinion is very important to us.

Please e-mail your valuable opinion to