Now you can get all the same goodness of CAcafe in a mini size. We at CAcafe are very excited about this new collection.

Mini jars are a great way to branch out and try new flavors. Fell in love with our Coconut Coffee and want to try the Coconut Mocha? BAM get a mini jar! Tried some Coconut Tea and are wondering about the Coconut Coffee? BAM mini jar! Casual coffee or tea drinker? Try our Coconut Coffee or Tea in a mini jar. Been pondering our unsweetened options? Get a mini jar of unsweetened Coconut Coffee to sample. Not only are they the perfect size to try new flavors, but they also are a great size to store and travel with. Not to mention that the holiday season is coming up! Our mini jars will make great gifts for those coconut and coffee lovers in your family. Give a mini jar to your college student who lives in the dorm or to your friend to keep at work. Or just get some for yourself! There's no shame in nourishing your body

You can pre-order your mini jars today! They will ship in 2-3 weeks.