How to Make Iced Coconut Coffee, Iced Coconut Tea, Iced Coconut Mocha and Iced Coconut Cocoa: FOUR Drool-Worthy Recipes!

        Summertime is here to stay, and with the weather heating up you need more energy than ever to have fun in the sun. Don’t worry - CAcafe’s gourmet, all-natural, superfood coconut-infused coffee and tea series is going to blow you away! Not only are they perfect pick-me-ups when they're hot, but you can also make all the CAcafe beverages iced for an extra je ne sais quoi that’ll make you the envy of all of your friends at the beach.

        Here are FOUR quick and easy ways you can make Iced CAcafe drinks!

        NOTE: These recipes use the CAcafe coconut coffee, but you can also make any variation of iced coconut coffeeiced coconut teaiced coconut mocha, and iced coconut cocoa following these steps! Just change up the type of CAcafe powder you use and voila, you’ve mastered four concoctions. ;)

#1: The Basic - Perfection Made Easy

        Don’t have time to go shopping for ingredients? All you need for this recipe is:

That’s it!



  1. Mix 2 heaping tablespoons of CAcafe Coconut Coffee powder with 2 oz. HOT water (Don’t fill the entire mug with hot water - you want to keep the flavor concentrated!)

  2. Add 1 measuring cup of ice into a mug

  3. Mix well, and ENJOY!

BONUS: You can also boil some milk (just heat it up in the microwave if you’re *really* not feeling it!) and use that to mix with your CAcafe coconut coffee powder. Once the powder is dissolved, pour the mixture over ice, and now you have a delicious, rich, milky flavor to your iced coconut coffee!

#2: The Instagrammer - Picture-Perfect Tongue-Tingling Deliciousness

        Not satisfied? Convince your friends you just arrived at a gourmet coffee shop to indulge in a rich, delicious treat to satisfy that sweet tooth - without breaking the bank. Try this recipe to make your Instagram feed that much more amazing.

CAcafe iced coconut coffee and iced coconut mocha recipe

        This recipe was developed by supermom blogger and CAcafe fan extraordinaire Heather (@cominguprosie)


DIRECTIONS: (from Heather herself!)

Starting this hot day off the right way with an iced coconut coffee with almond milk topped with a bit of whipped cream. Depending on how large your cup is, two to four simple scoops of my favorite @CAcafeblog ‘s coconut coffee + hot water, pour over ice, add your favorite creamer, topped with whipped cream and voila! I fancy this coffee both hot or cold, but I figured with these hot summer days iced would be better x20.
— Heather, @cominguprosie

        Instagram superstar, Heather, shared this on her feed so you know your sweet tooth AND friends are going to appreciate this! Especially if you make enough to share. ;)

#3: The Frappe - Summertime Classic with a Tropical Twist

        For a summertime treat that is sure to bring back childhood memories--and invite you to make new ones on an island far far away. Check out this amazing frappe recipe developed by CAcafe fan @the_goodbadugly!

CAcafe iced coconut coffee frappe recipe



  1. Add all of the coconut coffee into a blender

  2. Pour a splash of HOT water into the blender and start the blender to ensure that the HOT water blends AND dilutes the coffee powder

  3. Add 2 cups of milk into the blender, along with 2 cups of ice.

  4. Blend, pour, and ENJOY!

This makes about three 12 oz. servings of iced coconut frappe. At this point, feel free to add your choice of toppings, although in my opinion none are needed! 

#4: The Time Traveler - Nostalgia in a Cup

CAcafe iced coconut cocoa recipe

        Summer sun too bright for your liking? Wishing it was winter again, back when you could curl up next to a fire and just read until you fall asleep? Luckily, we've got you covered. Try this wintertime classic hot chocolate. But wait, not just any regular hot chocolate-- Don't forget it is the blazing hot summer! Instead, why not try out food blogger Amanda’s skinny iced coconut cocoa recipe?

        Check out this excerpt from Amanda’s blog post on The Skinny Fork:

How do you lighten up a hot chocolate? The first thing I did was to use a fat free milk, but you could use any milk you prefer (almond, coconut, etc.) I also happened to get my hands on some CAcafe Cocoa, which let me just say I was a little hesitant about since coconut has not always been one of my favorite flavors. However, I was completely surprised with how this cocoa tasted. The coconut flavor is light and only accents the chocolaty goodness without overpowering it.

CAcafe products were developed by a physician, with the highest quality real coconut, Colombian Coffee, Green Tea, and Dutch Chocolate. Plus, they are dairy, gluten, and trans fat free, and use only non-GMO cane sugar.

At the end of the day, you just can’t go wrong with frozen chocolate amazingness right now. Especially this one! This frozen hot chocolate is full of flavor and also almost completely guilt free.
— Amanda, food blogger at The Skinny Fork

        Want her recipe? Head on over to her blog and craft some incredible winter/summertime memories for yourself--one incredible iced coconut cocoa cup at a time!

Phew! That’s it for our collection of CAcafe iced coconut coffee, iced coconut mocha, iced coconut cocoa, and iced coconut tea drink recipes. We hope these can help you make your summer an amazing one, and be sure to tag us online when you post photos of your beautiful, delicious, and healthy concoctions! And if you have a recipe idea of your own? Send it to us and share it on social media (tagging us @CAcafeblog)!


Until next time, enjoy your summer, CAcafe fans!