Been wanting to try CAcafe’s signature all-natural Coconut Coffee and Tea Series? Maybe you can only find the Coconut Tea near you but have always wanted to try the Coconut Coffee or Cocoa. Or, maybe, you need something more to convince you just how much you love our gourmet, nutrient-infused blends. Well, we heard you! We now have Sample Boxes available!

Try them out, and then take advantage of our holiday deals to stock up for the coziest winter yet. Our Sample Boxes come with three packets of CAcafe products for you and your family to share with one sample packet each of our Coconut Coffee, Coconut Tea, and Coconut Cocoa.

Even better news: You can receive these sample packets for FREE when you use the code “FREE3” when checking out. All you have to do is pay a flat rate shipping fee of $5.00. Now, it’s a little tricky to get this set up properly and we apologize for the inconvenience. Below is step-by-step on how you can get your Sample Box for free and just pay a flat rate $5 shipping fee:

Step 1

When you add our Sample Box to your cart, a side window will appear showing you what is in your cart. Please keep in mind you can purchase as many sample boxes as you’d like but to activate the special offer so that you only have to pay shipping, your order must include only one sample box. This offer is valid once per customer only. If you’d like to purchase other products or more sample boxes (wherein you’d no longer receive the special “free box” deal), you would need to place a separate, second order.

Once you’ve added it to your cart, select “CHECKOUT” at the bottom.

Step 2





Once you’ve clicked on “CHECKOUT,” a window like this will pop up. Before entering your shipping address, click “SHOW ORDER SUMMARY” at this time. This is how you can enter your promo code “FREE3”.




Once you select “Show Order Summary”, some more information will drop down. Enter the code “FREE3” where it says discount and press the arrow to the right of the text box to apply your code. Once it has been applied your window will look just like this. It will show that your product has been marked to $0.00. Continue to fill out your Shipping Address and then click “Select Shipping Method.”

Step 3
Step 3


Because you have already entered the special code for this of offer, you will see a “Promo Rate” $5.00 shipping fee. You will only be able to use this shipping rate if the promo code has been properly applied to your order.

Remember that if you were planning on purchasing other items along with this Sample Box, you WILL NOT be able to receive this special flat rate $5.00 shipping. However, you can get Free Shipping in the contiguous United States on orders over a total of $49! We've got your back! :)

And that is it! Now all you have to do is sit back, relax, and try to wait patiently for your package to arrive. Don’t worry, it will totally be worth it once you finally get to try that perfectly blended, superfood-infused all-natural coconut goodness that we know you’ve been dreaming of!

But hurry! This special promotion is only while supplies last!

Can’t wait? Want more? Use our Store Locator to find CAcafe products in a store near you now. Or order more directly from us here at! We hope you and your friends and family can all enjoy our Coconut Coffee and Tea Series together this upcoming season, and happy sampling!