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Iron is not something I normally think about in my diet. I try to make sure I am eating enough fruits and vegetables, not too many carbs, and a lot of protein. I usually assume that as I am focusing on eating right, all the vitamins and nutrients I need will automatically fall into place. That is not necessarily true. If you’re like me, then you know you should have iron but you do not know why, or you have heard the word anemia but are not sure how it affects you.

Anemia can be caused by a variety of things, but the most common form is Iron Deficient Anemia. It is very common, especially among women, and can have a wide range of symptoms. Some symptoms include muscle weakness, headaches, fatigue, and sensitivity to cold. Usually the best way to treat Iron Deficient Anemia is by increasing the amount of iron you eat every day. A simple lack of iron in the body can cause all these symptoms, and simply increasing it can alleviate them. It shows how integral iron is to a person’s body.

            Nazanin AbbaspourRichard Hurrell, and Roya Kelishadi studied iron and how it interacts with your body--what happens if there is not enough iron in your body? Iron is needed for some very important functions inside your body. One way that iron is essential is in transporting oxygen throughout your body. Iron is also used in the formation of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin contains iron and is used to transport oxygen in the blood. Your body needs oxygen to function--that's the whole reason why we breathe! When we breathe, oxygen gets into our bloodstream and is carried to the rest of our body. Additionally, iron is important to our brain’s health. The brain uses 20% of our body’s oxygen, which makes iron indispensable in helping your brain get what it needs. Muscle formation and strength is also impacted by iron. Not only is iron inside your muscle tissue, but also it helps bring the oxygen your muscles need to move.

            When your body does not have enough iron, you can become anemic. Luckily, CAcafe is here to help boost your iron intake. CAcafe Coconut Coffee contains 6% of your daily value for iron intake. Coconuts are rich in iron and because CAcafe puts real whole coconuts in our products, the iron from coconut is in your cup of coconut coffee. A regular cup of coffee can't do the same. Indeed, only CAcafe coconut coffee can offer this. The more I look into CAcafe, the more I realize all the hidden ways it is helping my body.


CAcafe was not created to treat anemia. If you think you are suffering from anemia, please consult a physician.