coconut coffee cup

     Cancer is a topic that nobody wants to think about but has touched almost every family and friend. Most people know several others who have had cancer or even have had cancer themselves. The search is on for a cure and researchers and doctors have been exploring any option possible to help those who are suffering. With this search has come the rise of holistic and natural ways to help treat and prevent cancer. I decided to look into the research and see if there was anything I could do to keep myself healthy.

     Three different studies have shown that coffee and coconut may have an effect on certain types of cancers or tumors. The first study, done by Lisina K. and Shanmughavel Piramanayagam, showed that coconut water could potentially be helpful if added to drugs that treat thymoma (a type of tumor). The study is not a breakthrough in cancer research, but it does show that coconut water can be helpful in fighting this certain type of tumor. It is not saying to skip chemo and drown yourself in coconut water, but it does mean that there is more to be looked into in terms of how coconut can help.

     The second study focused on coffee. It took place in Japan and examined those who drink coffee and those that don’t. The researchers concluded that drinking coffee might help lower your chance of getting a brain tumor. Go coffee! The third study also examined coffee drinkers. The researchers, Caini S, Cattaruzza S, Bendinelli B, Tosti G, Masala G, Gnagnarella P, Assedi M, Stanganelli I, Palli D, and Gandini S, examined several other studies. The focus was examining any link between non melanoma skin cancer and coffee consumption. They concluded that coffee seemed to have a protective effect against that type of skin cancer. Again I say GO COFFEE!

     What did I decide after looking at these three studies? I need to keep drinking my coconut coffee. The studies are not conclusive, and they don’t say drinking coconut water and coffee will prevent me from ever getting cancer. However, I do find them interesting and enough to provoke me to action. CAcafe is the only drink that I can get coconut water and coffee in! Because CAcafe uses the whole coconut in all the products, the coffee is rich in coconut oil AND coconut water. It has once again proven itself to be a morning must for helping my body function the way it should. I can drink it in the morning and know that it is a little extra something that can help me in my battle to stay healthy and live long. 


CAcafe is not made to prevent or fight cancer. If you think you may have cancer, please consult a physician immediately.