Today I came across this interesting and compelling study done by Lindeberg S and Lundh B. They examined the population of the Trobriand Islands, located in Papua New Guinea. They were looking at the population's cardiac health and diet. The researchers found a striking difference between the islanders’ heart health and a typical Westerner's heart health. As I am sure you have heard before, heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United Sates. Additionally, every year, about 795,000 people in the U.S. experience a stroke. A stroke happens when blood flow to the brain is blocked. However, the study showed that heart disease and stroke did not exist in the people of Trobriand. The researchers attributed this to their diets, and not surprisingly, one of the daily staples in that culture is coconut.

Coconut Trobriand Islands

                The people of Trobriand are not the only ones who have a high coconut diet. Many cultures have been examined that have diets high in coconuts and they have been found to be extremely healthy. The culture of Trobriand is called a subsistence culture, or one where the population relies on natural resources for all their survival needs. The diet of Trobriand's population reflects this. Food has a different meaning to the people of the Papua New Guinea islands than it does in a developed nation. In the United States, food is available on every corner--heck, we even have subcultures about food. People make an evening out of visiting a new restaurant to be cooked for by a famous chef. While our culture has opened the way for us to experience more food than ever possible before, it has also resulted in many people eating food that is extremely unhealthy and indulging too much in certain categories of foods.

              Health and diet are inextricably linked. While there are many differences in diet and activity level between the Trobriand people and the people of the United States, I believe that coconut is one of the most important differences. I would argue that coconut should definitely be added to a typical U.S. citizen's diet. It has innumerous health benefits, which is why those people who have it as a staple in their diet are so much healthier than those that do not.

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CAcafe was not made to prevent heart disease or stroke and should not be used as medicine. If you believe you are at risk for these, please consult a physician about what steps you should take.