Alzheimer’s Disease is scary and mysterious. Doctors are still trying to understand what causes it and how to treat those who do have it. It takes away your identity and your independence, but there is hope. A new study, published by Cell Metabolism, shows great promise for Alzheimer’s disease as well as other degenerative brain diseases. The researchers found that a high fat diet could help reverse some of the damage. How does this happen? The answer lies in ketones.

Alzheimer disease brain comparison

     Ketones are produced by your body when you burn fat. Ketones are vital for helping your brain fight a degenerative brain disease. Normally, a body produces glucose and very little ketones. Your body produces the glucose from the carbohydrates you eat during the day. Your body and brain then use the glucose to function and repair themselves throughout the day. When a brain is suffering from a degenerative disease, it has a problem using glucose to function as it normally does. It is unable to turn the glucose into the energy it needs. Because of this problem, the brain begins to age rapidly since it can no longer prepare itself. This is where the ketones come in and become vital. The brain is still able to use ketones for energy, even when it is unable to metabolize glucose. Ketones can help the brain get the energy it needs to fix itself! By causing your body to produce more ketones than glucose, you give your brain what it needs. Eating a high fat diet can help your body produce more ketones instead of glucose.

coconut cut in half wet

     What can you incorporate in your diet that is high fat and good for you? Coconut. Coconut is rich in MCTs--we even wrote a blog post about that. Its high fat content is perfect to help your body start producing more ketones. Another reason I love my morning CAcafe! I know that drinking a coconut mocha in the morning is the perfect way to start my day. If adding that little bit of coconut to my diet could help in even the tiniest of ways, then I say it’s worth it. Of course there is still so much research to be done, but if what is known now is that coconut can help, then I am going to include it in my diet in every way possible. CAcafe makes that easy with so many differently-flavored products. I know it’s going to be delicious and so simple to prepare. By using the whole coconut, CAcafe helps me get the benefits that these studies show. Excuse me while I go make another cup!



CAcafe is not made to treat Alzheimer's Disease or other nuerological degenerative disorders. If you suspect you have either, please consult a doctor immediately.