coconut palm tree

We have done a previous post about how coconut can boost your immunity, but we have found another study that explains how great coconut can be for keeping your body healthy. E.V. Carandang reviewed many articles about coconut and summarized his claims and findings in a 2008 journal post. The researcher stated that “MCT provides wellness for individuals suffering from short bowel syndromes, childhood epilepsy, aptic fibrosis, those that have undergone bypass surgery, for premature babies (Babayan and Rosenau 1991). As energy-dense foods, these are very good for people who need high energy in their diets to supply their energy requirement (Megremis 1991).” For those who have not read our previous blog posts, MCTs are medium chain fatty acids. They have proven to be wonderful at giving your body energy in many studies. Now this researcher has revealed that not only are MCTs great at giving your body energy, but they're also fantastic at helping with all the above mentioned conditions and more. One of the only foods that is a rich natural source of MCTs is coconut.


Once again, coconut proves itself to be vital to your health. The MCTs that are abundant in coconut have been revealed in several studies as incredibly helpful in treating a variety of illnesses and conditions that occur at many different ages. This is why CAcafe is proud to use real whole coconuts in our products. We know how wonderful it is for your body and how much it can help to add a little bit of coconut into your everyday life. Almost everyone I know drinks coffee or tea at least once a day. When you make that drink a Coconut Coffee or Tea, you are adding all those health benefits of coconut into your life. Coconut is so good for you, it is almost impossible to know all the ways that adding coconut into your diet is improving your health. CAcafe is such a great choice because it provides you with the coconut you need in a drink you are already consuming. Adding CAcafe to your day is a no-brainer. Now excuse me while I go make another cup!


CAcafe is not a a medicine or health supplement and should not be used as one. As each person's body is different and responds to different foods differently, we cannot guarantee that you will experience all these benefits of coconut yourself if you drink CAcafe. If you do receive any benefits from our drinks, however, we'd love to hear your stories. Please send them to us at ShareStory (at) CAcafe (dot) com!1