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     I have known my whole life that I am a klutz. I am constantly tripping on flat surfaces (which takes a lot of skill) or stubbing a toe. Recently, I hurt my finger when I accidentally shut it in a door. The finger is all healed now, but at the time, the swelling was agonizing. I did everything I could to help the throbbing pain stop: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. However, I did not know that there was something else I could have done to help my body. How could having a cup of coconut coffee help my finger? Sadia R. and Rahila N. wanted to know! They conducted research on how coconut water would affect inflammation. Inflammation happens when there is an injury in your body that damages tissue. Inflammation leads to swelling.

     The researchers set up four groups of rats. Group one was the control, meaning they were the group that showed the researchers what normal was. They were given only water instead of medicine or coconut water. Group Two was given young coconut water and Group Three was given mature coconut water. These two groups were to show how coconut water affects swelling compared to the control group. Group Four was given ibuprofen, which is commonly taken by people to help inflammation. The rats would be fed a dose of water, coconut water, or ibuprofen depending on their group and then monitored to see how their swollen paws were reacting.

     The results were amazing.  Sadia R. and Rahila N., concluded that both the young and mature coconut waters were found to be highly anti-inflammatory. Coconut water can help fight off the damage of tissues that leads to swelling! Drinking coconut water is one way to help your body fight off horrible inflammation. One way you can get some coconut water daily, is through drinking our coconut coffees and teas which are made with the whole coconut. They have all the benefits of coconut water while also being amazing coffee and tea.

     I am fascinated with all the health benefits that coconut has to offer. It truly is a miracle food. If you have an injury or condition that involves painful inflammation, following the advice of your doctor plus adding some coconut into your life can enhance your body’s ability to recover and fight. I love to have a natural way to help my body do its job better. I already drink coffee every morning, so switching to coconut coffee is a simple choice that not only helps my body fight inflammation but tastes amazing too! At CAcafe, we sometimes see people suggest that instead of buying our coffee, you could simply put coconut oil in your coffee. However, if you put only coconut oil, then you miss out on the benefits of having the whole coconut used in your coffee or tea. CAcafe uses the whole coconut so that all the wonderful benefits of this food can be in our coffees and teas. 


If you are experiencing swelling regularly, please consult with a doctor about how to treat it. CAcafe is not made to treat swelling and inflammation.