September is officially here and Fall is fast approaching. The school year has begun and with all of that comes cold weather. I don’t mean that it’s chilly outside; I mean that it’s time to stock up on tissues and vapor rub because flu season is out to get us! I seem to catch every bug that goes around despite my best efforts. I wash my hands, eat right, and get immunized, but as soon as someone close to me starts blowing their nose, I know it’s all over. What can you and I do to give ourselves a fighting chance this cold season? The answer is once again coconut!

super hero simple
no germ

     Coconut has magical healing powers. OK, it’s not magic. Coconut has scientific healing powers! Aimee D. from Care2 Healthy Living explains that coconut destroys bad bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, which is basically everything you don’t want in your body. Because coconut gets rid of these bad things from your body, consuming it can be an important tool in your fight against the flu, common cold, and other undesirable illnesses. But how does coconut cleanse your body of these terrible germs? If you have read some of our other blogs, then you know that coconut contains tons of MCTs. Those MCTs are what help fight the bad guys in your body

artery heart disease

    The type of MCT that is found in coconut is lauric acid. When you consume coconut, you are consuming tons of lauric acid. Your body takes that lauric acid and turns it into a superhero. It reminds me of Drix from the movie Osmosis Jones (if you don’t get this reference then I am getting too old!). Lauric acid goes in and destroys the nasty germs. I found a study that demonstrates just how powerful lauric acid can be. The researchers examined how lauric acid fights atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is an arterial disease, and it was found that lauric acid could help prevent this heart disease! I’m stunned by how powerful this stuff is.

     CAcafe has mentioned over and over that we use the whole coconut in our products. The reason we keep saying it is because of all the benefits that coconut has to offer, and here is another one. I know the next time I start to feel that unwelcome tingle in the back of my throat, I’m going to reach for my coconut tea. I’m adding the coconut coffees and teas to my arsenal of remedies I can use to stay healthy. I love that CAcafe products not only taste great, but are so much healthier than a regular cup of coffee or tea. The coconut that is in the product gives it that extra push into greatness. 



CAcafe is not meant to replace medicine. Please always consult with a doctor about the steps that need to be taken and the medicine that should be used if you are sick.