At CAcafe, we have the utter joy of hearing from our fans about how much our product has helped them. It warms our hearts to read their stories. We frequently get calls, emails, or contacted through social media with a fan telling us how our product has helped them lose weight. Some have stories of significant changes in weight while others were pleasantly surprised to see 5 lbs missing from the scale. You can read their stories here, but it is just another benefit of many stemming from the whole coconuts that are used to create our products.

coconut palm leaf open

                Researchers from a university in the Philippines conducted a study about the effects of virgin coconut oil on a person’s body, particularly how it affected weight. The study was performed on a group of 64 people. Thirty people were in the control group, so nothing was changed for their routines or diets. Thirty-four people were in the experimental group that was given virgin coconut oil. Both groups were measured for weight, BMI, and circumference of different body parts. The experiment lasted for twenty-eight days, at which point the participants were measured again. The results showed weight reduction, especially in the waist!

                The study done by these researchers shows how incorporating more coconut into your life can have so many benefits, including reducing weight in your waist. Pretty much everyone I know would like to lose some weight around that area! CAcafe is a great way to include more coconut. We use real whole coconuts to make our products. When you choose to drink Coconut Coffee you are choosing a little more coconut in your day. When you choose to drink Coconut Tea, you are sipping up real coconut. Coconut is an amazing food. It has numerous benefits, which is why it is included in every product that CAcafe makes.  It is reason that choosing CAcafe is the best way to start your day.


CAcafe is not a weight loss supplement and should not be used as one. As each person's body is different and responds to different foods differently, we cannot guarantee that you will experience weight loss yourself if you drink CAcafe. If you do receive any benefits from our drinks, however, we'd love to hear your stories. Please send them to us at ShareStory (at) CAcafe (dot) com!1