It's pumpkin season!!! What better way to celebrate than with a traditional pumpkin carving session, complete with Halloween on the horizon? This October, spice up your pumpkin pie with some all-natural gourmet coconut coffee, coconut tea, coconut mocha, and coconut cocoa! And now you can do that all for free--by entering the CAcafe pumpkin carving contest!

All contest instructions are in the infographic above, but remember to tag us (@CAcafeblog) on your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest posts or screenshot your images and send them to us at with the date posted of the photo clearly visible. Especially if you use a social media site that isn't Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, we won't see your photo(s) unless you send them to us by email. We must be able to see your photo(s) to count them as entries, so also, if you have a private account, please do not forget to email us the photos or we can't see them! This is especially important for something like Snapchat and Instagram stories, where you won't be able to go back to your Stories for a screenshot after the day is over. And remember, you must include a CAcafe product in your picture(s) no matter what your pumpkin design is. And your design can be anything as long as it follows the rules of the contest listed below!

Make sure you include the appropriate hashtags on your photos (#CAcafe and #CAcafePumpkin)!

Want to get the best tips on carving a pumpkin? Check out our video on it from our Youtube channel's new show, CAcafe Craft Corner!


  • All those entering this contest must be at least 18 years old or, if older than 13 but younger than 18, have explicit parental/guardian permission to participate in the contest.
  • This contest is not affiliated with any social networking website and is the sole responsibility of CAcafe Inc.
  • This contest is open to people with a North American shipping address only.
  • CAcafe Inc. is not responsible for the loss of prizes in the process of delivery. 
  • CAcafe Inc. reserves the right to end this contest at any time.
  • All those entering in the contest, by entering, give permission to CAcafe Inc. to use their entries on CAcafe's social media accounts and websites. 
  • CAcafe Inc. reserves the right to disqualify participants of the contest who manipulate, exploit, or misleadingly portray the rules of the contest in any way, shape, or form. 
  • All photos entered into the contest must not be of an excessively sexual or violent nature--that is, nothing that you wouldn't your kids to see and nothing that would be rated PG-17 and above.
  • An entry photo must not be deleted after its posting if it is to be considered for the contest.
  • If the winner used private accounts to post their photo(s), they must accept CAcafe's follow or friend request for at least enough time for CAcafe to validate their entry in the contest. 
  • Entry photos must be posted on a participant's own social media account(s). That is, a photo cannot be posted onto the CAcafe Facebook page, for example, and still qualify as a valid entry. However, CAcafe welcomes submissions to also be posted on CAcafe's social media pages in addition to the participant's own page(s). 
  • CAcafe Inc. is not responsible for any damages or injuries sustained by the participant in the process of carving a pumpkin and entering the contest, including any processes implemented based on suggestions from CAcafe's Craft Corner video regarding how to carve a pumpkin.