10 Reasons Why You Need Coconut Coffee & Tea in your Life

Everyone and their mothers know about the coconut oil craze, and everyone and their mothers swear by it. But did you know that there are so many benefits of consuming coconut that’s NOT limited to coconut oil? Just like when you eat any other fruit, most of the nutrients are in the entire fruit—meat, milk, cream, you name it! The entire coconut has so many health benefits, it’s almost overwhelming.

That's why CAcafe’s coconut coffee & tea series is so innovative. We use the entire coconut in our coconut coffee, tea, mocha, and cocoa, and all of it is real. This way, you get all the delicious and rejuvenating nutrients of real, whole coconuts daily just by drinking your cup of coffee/tea. Irresistibly tasty and healthy? Yeah, that’s actually possible with CAcafe. ;)

1.    Coconut can thicken your hair and stimulate its growth

No more split-ends and wiry baby hairs! Click on the title link above to read our whole blog post—complete with scientific studies—on this subject, and do so for all the reasons listed here. Seriously! We want you to feel confident that we aren’t just pulling these out of a hat.

Coconut really is a superfood and we have heard so many stories from our customers about how our coconut drinks have impacted their lives.

CAcafe offers a variety of flavors, and you even have the option of no-sugar-added drinks. Find your favorite and make CAcafe a part of your daily routine! Your body and your taste buds will thank you for it. :)


While there is scientific evidence to back up these claims, CAcafe is not designed to replace medicine or meals. The benefits mentioned in this post cannot be guaranteed as each person's body is different. If you have any health concerns, please consult your personal doctor.