From our creamy, nourishing coconut coffee to our ambrosial coconut tea, CAcafe's gourmet coconut-infused coffee & tea series takes the time to put the extra in extraordinary. With all-natural ingredients like whole coconuts as well as premium Colombian coffee and rejuvenating green tea, CAcafe promises to revolutionize the role of beverages in your life--one U.S.A.-made jar at a time.

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CAcafe (See-ey Ka-Fey)

CAcafe's Coconut Coffee and Tea series was invented by the famed medical doctor. The ingredients of the series were diligently hand-picked by the doctor based on the special properties of the ingredients and the suggested daily intake of sugar for the average person. Thus, you and your family can consume not just a delicious product but also simultaneously enjoy the health benefits that come from the intrinsic properties of the coconut, coffee, tea, and cane sugar that make the drink. At CAcafe, where every product is made here in the U.S.A., we've combined natural, healthy, rejuvenating coconut with the best coffee, tea, and cocoa available. The taste is incredible and the health benefits amazing; revolutionary; innovative. Our products are gourmet superfoods that brew together good health and delicious flavor. Our coconut beverages mean a new beginning - a new lifestyle, the CAcafe way!

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